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At 11:05 a.m. on October 16th , 2019, the fascinating debate held in the auditorium of Grade 11 students on Political Studies begins!

其内容和形式与加拿大竞选总统前举办的辩论相差无几。在此之前,我们十年级的社会学老师,即十一年级政治学的老师,Mr. O’Brien早已对这场辩论做了很多次“预告”了。尽管如此,我们台下的听众还是被震惊了。

The content and procedure of the debate is basically the same as that of the debate held in Canada before electing the Prime Minister. Before today, the teacher of Grade 10 Social Studies and Grade 11 Political Studies, Mr.O’Brien had told us many times about this debate. However, we audience were still shocked.


In Canada, many leaders of different parties need to get involved in debates as the representatives of their parties before the election of the Prime Minister and the party (or parties) leading the government. For such a significant debate, both debaters and audience are nervous and excited a lot. Since today’s debaters are all students, they must have more strong feelings. Nevertheless, the excellent spoken English performance, the convincing speech ability and the quick thinking of improvisation of the eleventh graders still reflect their hard work.


The content of this debate involves global political relationship and event, human rights and freedom, and economic and climate crisis. All the debaters need to represent the six major parties in Canada, debate from their political positions and beliefs, and use data and real cases to make audience support their parties.


In the individual speeches, each debater was confidently stating his party's views; in the free debates, each debater also said their ideas fluently. In addition to the rigorous use of words, what attract the audience the most was the convincing refutation and sharp questions.


Since the beginning of the debate, the scene had been in enormously intense atmosphere.After several minutes, we had been immersed in the content of the debate, and applause became a subconscious act.


The debater on the stage carefully sought the weak points in other people's speeches, recorded them and thought about the rebuttals or questions to be made, and the audience paid close attention to the whole process; no one knew what would happen next; and except for the powerful and strong statement in speeches, bursts of applause, what we all heard was only the heartbeat getting faster somewhen.


Questioning and refuting is a conflict of ideas; claps and cheers are the spiritual empathy.

In the grand auditorium, on the bright stage, the young students used words to convey a powerful force beyond age.


Hard work and self-confidence are the most melodious song of youth, the most beautiful colors, and the dream closest to reality.

We hope to be able to go forward towards dreams, and light up the brilliance of thought.

With dreams as horses, they are making use of every second, and they are sailing on the world stage.