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Kaiye Sun, Graduated from Northeast Normal University with physics education major. Joined Maple Leaf since 1996 and was awarded Maple Leaf Honor Medal in 2000. Mr. Sun keeps working for physics education and working as subject leader, lesson preparation leader, and subject teaching & research director in Dalian Maple Leaf Middle School.

刘杰,武汉枫叶小学优秀教师,优秀班主任。西南师范大学文学院文学学士,从教六年。2018年,带领全班参加“中华好童声”获团体金奖,本人荣获“湖北省优秀指导老师”称号;2017年,在枫叶第一届枫叶诗词大赛中指导本班学生荣获一等奖,本人荣获“优秀指导老师”称号;2017年,在湖北省作文比赛中指导学生荣获一等奖,本人荣获“优秀指导老师”称号;2014年,在重庆市第九届中小学生艺术大赛中指导学生荣获特等奖,本人荣获“重庆市优秀教师”称号;2013年,在香港第八届华人艺术大赛中指导学生荣获国际特等奖,本人荣获“国际优秀导师”称号。 教师格言:没有诗意,只有远方的教育是斯巴达式的教育,没有远方,只有诗意的教育是乌托邦式的教育。

Jie Liu, excellent teacher of Wuhan Maple Leaf Elementary School, excellent homeroom teacher, bachelor of arts from the School of Arts, Southwestern Normal University and has teaching experience for 6 years. In 2018, Ms. Liu led her class to participate The Childrens Voice of China and won the group golden medal, meanwhile, she was titled Excellent Instructor of Hubei Province;In 2017, the student who under her class and her instruction won the first prize at the 1st Maple Leaf Poetry Competition and she was titled Excellent Instructor. In 2017, the student who under her instruction won the first prize at a composition competition and she was titled Excellent Instructor; In 2014, the student who under her instruction won the special award at the 9th Elementary & Middle School Student Arts Competition of Chongqing, and she was titled Excellent Teacher of Chongqing; In 2013, the student who under her instruction won the international special award at the 8th Chinese Arts Competition of Hongkongand she was titled International Excellent Instructor.



Zhihua Yang, female, postgraduate, middle school Chinese teacher, homeroom teacher.

She has rich teaching experience of more than 20 years. In 1999, Ms. Yang was named Shenyang Outstanding Teachers. She has worked in Maple Leaf since August 2002 and it has been 16 years. She has been the instructor many times for instructing students to win the National Provincial-level awards in the "Chinese Newspaper Cup Essay Contest". She believes Chinese language classroom should be a relaxed and happy environment to let students obtain knowledge, and activities and seminars should help students to develop themselves. She aims to integrate knowledge teaching objectives, moral education objectives and emotional values into her teaching in classroom, so that students can grow and develop themselves under invisible influence! Also, she thinks homeroom teacher should pay attention to students 3 habits training--Daily life habit, behavior habit and study habit. Moreover, she insists that a teacher should respect students and be able to reach students innermost feelings. Education motto: Let the ordinary become the excellent, let the excellent be more outstanding!


杜秀娟,小学数学教师,女,本科。从教六年,注重实行思维教学、导学互动教学理念,引导学生自主探究,合作交流,深入本质,一通百通。曾获得优秀教师称号,多次代表学校参加公开示范课讲授活动,并取得优异成绩! 教育格言:教学的艺术不在于传授本领,而在于激励、唤醒和鼓舞。

Xiujuan Du, Elementary School mathematics teacher, female, bachelors degree. Ms. Du has 6 years of teaching experience, and she is focusing on the education of thinking implementation and the education concept of leading and learning interaction. She is great at guiding students to explore independently, cooperate and communicate with each other and leading students to reach the essence of everything. Ms. Du has been titled Excellent Teacher, also, she has been on behalf of the school to participate in public demonstration class teaching activities and achieved excellent results! Education motto: The art of teaching lies not in imparting skills, but in stimulating, awakening and inspiring students.


大家好,我是MAY LI,我是枫叶深圳国际书院的一名英语老师,我持有英语教育戏剧导师和TESOL的资格证,过去的28年里,我用教育戏剧的方式贯通在我的教学里为那些学习第二母语的不同年龄的不同级别的孩子在不同国家授课,积累了丰富的教学经验。我返回中国之前曾经旅居和教学区域在新加坡,英国,美国和澳大利亚,德国。我坚持把爱与教育和实践相结合,对学生采用,兴趣加乐趣, 幽默不失原则,知识没有边际,规则必需方圆的引导和陪伴。我希望与家长共同从逆境之中培养孩子,让孩子在走进五彩缤纷的世界之前,塑造他自己的人格和理想!我喜欢电影制作,舞台剧编导,武术,唱歌,JAZZ。在休闲时间我喜欢阅读,世界各地旅游,看电影,陪伴家人。我激励学生的话语是:Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. 心之所愿,无事不成。

Hello, my name is May Li Yiyi, an English Teacher of Maple Leaf International Academy-Shenzhen. By degree I am a graduate of Master of Business Administration in Education. I am a certified drama teacher in education of teaching and training. In the past 28 years, I gained experience in teaching at various ages and levels with a TESOL standard certificate. Before I came back to China, I lived in English-speaking countries like Singapore, UK, USA, Australia and Germany for years. This experience has broaden my horizon, providing me an opportunity to possess both Chinese and western culture. When teaching at school, I devoted my love and passion to all my students, combining practical methods in education in order to arouse their interest and curious. I would like to be friends with my students, communicating with them with sense of humor but without losing principle. Generally, knowledge has no boundary, I enjoy teaching and guiding my students with my own knowledge and experience, but a development of individuals character and good manners is also as essential as essential as what they learn in class. A motto that I used to inspire my students is: Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.


葛馨阳,女,中共党员,硕士研究生,全国电子信息技术初级工程师,毕业于沈阳师范大学无线电物理专业。曾参与以Arduino单片机为主的中小学校本课程的编写、Scratch少儿编程课程的设计以及校企合作STEAM创客教育项目的推广工作 ,协助团队带队参加2017全国青少年电子信息与智能控制创新实践展示活动并取得优异的成绩。

Xinyang Ge, female, Communist Party member, postgraduate, National Electronic Information Technology Junior Engineer.

Graduated from Shenyang Normal University majoring in radio physics, Ms. Ge has participated in designing Arduino Single Chip school-based course for elementary and middle school and Scratch programming course for children. She also participated in the promotion activities of school-enterprise-cooperation Steam Maker education projects to assist the team to participate in the demonstration activities of 2017 National Youth Electronic Information and Intelligent Control Innovation Practice and achieved excellent results.



Zhongyu Huang, female, Han. She was graduated from Shenzhen University and achieved her bachelors degree in July 2015 and began her career life since August 2015. She currently worked as a elementary school dance teacher and has been engaged in elementary school teaching for 2 years.

Her performance "Bamboo Dragonfly" won the 2nd Prize of the 9th Lotus Cup National Dance Competition. Her performance "The Growth in the Hakka Earthen Building" won the 3rd prize of the 8th Lotus Cup National Dance Competition. Ms. Huang worked as a choreographer for the 2015-2017 Shenzhen Children's Channel Spring Festival Gala and Children's Day Party.

In her teaching , Ms. Huang advocates to use a relaxed, lively and joyful teaching environment to lead student to enter the palace of art, to feel the esthetics of Arts.



Debby Liu, English teacher of elementary school, female, bachelors degree, Communist Party member. Graduated from Hunan First Normal University and majoring in English Teaching. She worked for G1-G6 English teaching of Wuhan Maple Leaf Elementary School and worked as lesson preparation lead teacher. Ms. Liu was awarded lots of titles, such as "The Most Interesting Teacher" , "Excellent Teacher",Education Ethics Model Teacher,"Teaching Expert", etc,. Ms. Liu also won the second prize of the First Young Teacher Teaching Competition of the school, the district first prize of "A Great Class of a Teacher and A Great Teacher of a Class. In 2018, she was titled "Provincial Excellent Guidance Teacher" in CCTV Maple Leaf Cup English Speech Star Competition. And the student under her guidance was successfully enter the national competition in Beijing on behalf of Hubei Province and won the seventh place in the national rank. Also, in February 2018, Ms. Liu led students to participate in the United States Academic Five All-round Skills Competition (China Area), and she won the title of "Excellent Guidance Teacher". A student under her guidance achieved the silver medal in science subject and 2 students won the bronze medals in Arts subject.



Alena, has been teaching for 4 years. Id like to stay with children and share the moments in their lives and provide them with helpful advice,making friends with them and letting them feel you are the one they can talk and trust. I give my real patience to my lovely kids and their parents. Also, I am responsible and passionate. Im deeply welcomed by the kids and parents.



Hanqiang Li, elementary school mathematics teacher, male, bachelors degree, started his education career life since 2011 and he has already had 7 years teaching experience until now. He was won Excellent Lesson Topic in Luohu District Classes Small Questions Study, and got the title of Excellent Homeroom Teacher of Luohu District in 2015-2016. In daily teaching, students will be in the dominant position in my classroom and I will lead students to learn how to cooperate with each other and independently study so that students can experience the process of perceiving knowledge and forming knowledge, by doing so, students can enjoy learning!



English teacher Chang DongxueMaster of Arts in Education, devotes herself to English teaching and researching in primary school education.During her teaching career path, she won the title of Excellent Lesson. She is cheerful and she loves students. Loving students is the premise of good teaching and she believes that and stick to the belief that truly love to students is to understand them, respect them and trust them.Because of her lively and colorful class, students can feel the fun of learning English and that arouses students interests and engages them in classroom activities.At the same time, she pays more attention to the cultivation of students' reading ability and thinking ability.



Snow Zheng, who is graduated from Northeast Normal University, majoring in Chinese Language and Literature, is a homeroom teacher, Chinese teacher and Math teacher of elementary school and has been teaching for 25 years. She was rated as Excellent Homeroom Teacher and Backbone Teacher at the municipal level. Also, for five years, she has been rated as Outstanding Educator and the papers she wrote were awarded the first and second prizes at the national level. Moreover, she is a excellent coach in the Mathematics Olympic Competition; students of her won the first, second and third prizes at the national level in the competition of The National Essay Contest Cup; Besides, Ms. Zheng won the first prize at the municipal level in the competition of producing teaching courseware and her creative choreography of students dance has been selected and reported nationally; she took part in compiling a school song and her class meetings were selected to report to the province. At work, I am a friend of students, I treat every single students with respect, equality and friendly attitude and I will be their good mentor and friend! And I firmly believe that, as long as children are educated properly, even an ordinary child will become an extraordinary person!



Frank Chen, graduated from Wuhan University majoring in Chinese Language and Literature, is proficient in the essence of Chinese culture, and able to teach students in accordance with their aptitude. He has rich experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, as well as speeches & eloquence and Chinese Ancient Civilization Enlightenment. He has taught in high-end private schools such as Songshan Lake Guanmei International School. Also, Mr. Chen attempts to integrate Chinese and Western practical education culture; on the basis of Western pragmatism philosophy and combining with Chinese educational tradition of integrating knowledge and practice, Mr. Chen guides students to read, perceive and understand books and the world.



April Tang, Female, Bachelor Degree, Chinese Teacher of the Elementary School

Graduated from Jiangxi Normal University majoring in Chinese Language and Literature, Ms. Tang has rich experience in teaching Chinese for different ages and working as homeroom teacher and Chinese subject leader. She has lots of inspiration from primary education and understand the its difficulties and the importance of establishing its foundation. Although Ms. Tang has already spent 7 years in teaching and education, she still remain her pure intention to educate people. Motto: be closed to students, be a family of students and make students happier!



Qing Li is an Arts teacher graduated from the School of Arts of Changchun Normal University majoring in oil painting. Ms. Li believes that a class of Arts is the process for students ‘to be closed to beauty - to explore beauty - to understand beauty - to create beauty’. During her teaching, Ms. Li keep looking for flexible and efficient teaching methods. She try to connect daily life and explain profound theories in simple language to students when she is teaching so that to develop students’ aesthetic accomplishment and improve their personal qualities. Also, it allows students to spontaneously explore and enjoy the essence of Arts. Motto: keep learning and behave as a teacher.




Iyan Wang, Female, Math Teacher of Middle School, Homeroom Teacher, Master Degree.

Ms. Wang’s classes are logically organized and easy to trigger students’ interest. She is good at guiding students with inquiry learning and focus on developing students’ math accomplishment. Working as a homeroom teacher, Ms. Wang keeps thinking of the reasons why she choose to be a teacher, she educate her students with her heart and her love.

Motto: Be a good friend to students with a pure heart. Love is the key to open students' windows of their hearts. Education cannot exist without love.


苏委燕,初小音乐教师。音乐学专业,主修声乐,副修钢琴、古筝。从教8年,曾担任高考专职声乐教师,多年来培养大量考生考入各音乐院校, 连续多年年成功举办教师音乐会,成功举办个人学生音乐会,指导华师大三学生参加第五届孔雀奖全国高等艺术院校声乐比赛荣获三等奖。曾获得第二届《华润杯》歌手大赛专业组金奖。于2018年入职深圳市枫叶国际学校担任音乐教学一职,我的教学理念是:千教万教,教人求真;千学万学,学做真人;吃得苦中苦,方为人上人。

Anna Su, Music Teacher of the Elementary & Middle School. Ms. Su, who major in musicology, mainly focus on vocal music and minor in piano and Guzheng, has 8 years of teaching and worked as professional vocal music teacher for college entrance examination. Over the years, she has trained a large number of candidates to be admitted to various music colleges, and has successfully held teacher concerts and student individual concerts for many years. Also, Ms. Su instructed  junior students of East China Normal University to participate in the 5th Peacock Award National Secondary Art Institutions Vocal Music Competition and won the third prize. Ms. Su herself won the gold medal in the professional group of the 2nd ‘Huarun Cup’ Singer Competition.


王语嫣, 深圳市枫叶学校初小英语教师,本科毕业于长春师范大学 ,英法双语专业, 研究生毕业于英国曼彻斯特大学, 国际教育专业,具有高中教师资格证。

Yuyan Wang. She teaches G2 plus2 and G7&8 L5 English. Wang graduated from Changchun Normal University with a bachelor's degree and University of Manchester with a master's degree. Moreover, she has a certificate of high school English teacher and one year of teaching experience.



Qiuyu Dong. She is an Chinese teacher and graduated from Mudanjiang Normal University with a bachelor's degree. At the same time, Dong has national teacher certificate of high school Chinese and Geography teacher.



Lijuan Gao. She is a Maths teacher in primary school and graduated from continuing education Institute of Tsinghua University. Furthermore,Gao has rich Maths teaching experience of 12 years. She has been rated as “Excellence Teacher in Luohu district of ShenZhen” in 2017.


郭牧东,深圳市枫叶学校体育教师,本科毕业于天津体育学院,研究生毕业于香港教育大学,体育健康教育专业,从教3年, 国家一级棒球运动员,并多次获得全国大学生运动会棒球比赛冠军,香港珠江杯国际交流赛冠军并荣获最有价值球员。

Mudong Guo. He is a Physical teacher. Guo graduated from TianJin Institute of Physical Education with a bachelor's degree and Hong Kong University of Education with a master's degree. Moreover, he has three years of teaching experience. Additional, Mudong was awarded lots of titles, such as “National Professional Baseball Player”, “Champion of Baseball Competition”, “Champion and Most valuable player in international communication competition of Hong Kong Pearl River Cup”.



Xiaoling Zang. She is a English teacher and graduated from Education Economy Institute of Haerbin normal university with a master's degree. Moreover, Zang has rich teaching experience. Additional, she has grasped Chinese、English and Spanish. In the past, Xiaoling has learned Spanish major in Lima Catholic University.


李皓然 ,深圳市枫叶学校数学教师兼班主任,毕业于白城师范学院, 具有高中教师资格,从教5年。 教学格言:爱心献给学生,诚心送给家长,信心留给自己。

Haoran Li. He is a Maths teacher. Li graduated from Baicheng normal university with a bachelor's degree and has national teacher certificate of high school teacher. Moreover, he has five years of teaching experience. Education motto: Love is dedicated to the students, sincerely given to the parents, confidence left to myself.



Hongliang He. She is an Chinese teacher and graduated from Hunan Normal University with a bachelor's degree. At the same time, He has national teacher certificate of middle school teacher and first-level professional qualification in primary teaching. Additionally, she has rich teaching experience of 13 years.



Cai Tian. He is a Maths teacher and has national teacher certificate of primary school teacher. Moreover, Tian has already spent 25 years in teaching. Furthermore, he was titled as “backbone teacher” in his province and has professional qualification with senior teacher in primary schools.



Yunfeng Wu. He is a Chemistry and biography teacher. Wu graduated from Zhanjiang normal university and has national teacher certificate of high school teacher. Moreover, he has already spent 11 years in teaching and has professional qualification with second-class in senior schools.



Mengqi WEI. She is currently a secretary of school teaching and learning office. Wei graduated from education course in Nottingham Trent University with master’s degree in 2019. At the same time, she has national teacher certificate of middle school teacher. Mengqi achieved International Scholarship in UK. In college, she awarded “First Prize” and “Best Eloquence Award” in the Ninth Gold Microphone Host Competition.She obtained Third Prize Scholarship in Sophomore, she again obtained Second Prize Scholarship in Junior and got First Prize Scholarship in the last school year. Moreover, she is good at speech、writing、hosting and drama.



FengLiu. She is a Chinese and Geography teacher of middle school. Liu was titled as “First-class Teacher” of Chinese teaching. She has already spent 20 years in teaching. Therefore, Feng is good at moral education of students and concentrate on students’ healthy growth in all-round aspects.



Yue xingyan. library administrator of maple leaf school. Yue graduated from TESOL major of university of Queensland, Australia. She was a volunteer Chinese teacher of Britain and has one year of teaching experience.